Happy to see you!

My name is Thomas Eklöf - HR Advisor, Author, Facilitator and Enabler of the most critical factor in your organization - your people!

I will grow your organizational agility and create the best ways of working according to your needs. Want to know more?

What I do

HR Consulting

As a interim consultant I help companies with organizational development, recruitment and selection, employer branding, talent management and leadership development. I’ve work with known brand such as Telia Company, PwC, Canon and I’ve also guided several startups to create innovative HR strategies.

Agile ways of working

Agile is the only way of working in the future if you want to grow and prosper. Certified in Sociocracy 3.0 and agile leadership I work to grow organizational agility within HR.

Facilitator & Speaker

Since the release of ‘Innovativ Rekrytering’ I hold lectures and facilitate workshops to help teams to modernize their recruitment strategies, strengthen their employer brand and create the best employee experiences.

Co-organizer of #HRUnconf

I help run the only unconference HR event in Sweden. It’s a forum and meeting point for inspiration, learning, growth &
networking within HR, leadership and organizational development.

Selection of Clients